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It is clear that Z can be embedded into ZŒi. However not every rational prime is also prime in ZŒi. The primes in ZŒi are called the Gaussian primes. For example we can show that both 1 C i and 1 i are Gaussian primes, that is primes in ZŒi. 1 i / D 2 so that the rational prime 2 is not a prime in ZŒi. Using the multiplicativity of the Euclidean norm in ZŒi we can describe all the units and primes in ZŒi. 9. (2) Suppose (1) The only units in ZŒi are ˙1; ˙i. is a Gaussian prime. Then is either: (a) a positive rational prime p Á 3 mod 4 or an associate of such a rational prime.

4 The Existence of Maximal Ideals In this section we prove that in any ring R with an identity there do exist maximal ideals. Further given an ideal I ¤ R then there exists a maximal ideal I0 such that I I0 . To prove this we need three important equivalent results from logic and set theory. First recall that a partial order Ä on a set S is a reflexive, transitive relation on S. That is a Ä a for all a 2 S and if a Ä b; b Ä c then a Ä c. This is a “partial” order since there may exist elements a 2 S where neither a Ä b nor b Ä a.

4 we get c D ˙1. Hence a D ˙3. This is a contradiction, so 3 does not divide a. An identical argument shows that 3 does not divide b. Therefore 3 is not a prime element in R. We now examine the relationship between prime elements and irreducibles. 6. Let R be an integral domain. Then (1) Each prime element of R is irreducible. (2) p 2 R is a prime element if and only if p ¤ 0 and hpi D pR is a prime ideal. (3) p 2 R is irreducible if and only if p ¤ 0 and hpi D pR is maximal in the set of all principal ideals of R which are not equal to R.

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