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V. (1987). Temporal data base management. Artificial Intelligence, 32(l):l-55. , 1990). Doyle, J. and Wellman, M. P (1991). Impediments to universal preference-based default theories. Artificial Intelligence, 49:97-128. Fikes, R. E. and Nilsson, N. J. (1971). STRIPS: A new approach to the application of theorem proving to problem solving. Artificial Intelligence, 2(3/4): 189-208. , 1990). Georgeff, M. P. (1987). Planning. Annual RevieM' of Computer Science, 2:349-400. , 1990). Ginsberg, M. L. and Smith, D.

Ch A b G Cb such that Bel(C ) = P ( C ) . , Bel(C) > P(C). This contradicts the fact that P is consistent; therefore, m(B) must be zero for all B with more than one element. >^)> thus proving condition 1. Since all the mass is transferred out of B to the elements 6 G B, condition 2 is proved. The third and fourth conditions follow directly from the specification of f(B,b) above. EDU Abstract It is often desirable to allow a robot in a dynamic, uncontrolled environment to interrupt or abandon some task that engages it.

A common form for such a definition is in terms of behavioral conditions: necessary and sufficient conditions for a particular physical behavior of the robot in a particular dynamic environment to constitute an execution of a given plan. That is to say, if you are told that a robot is going to execute plan P , and then you observe the robot's physical behavior and all relevant aspects of his environment, then the semantics of the planning language should define the answer to the question, "Could the robot's behavior be considered an execution of plan P ?

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