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By Keith G. Walker

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This booklet offers for the 1st time a heritage of Eretria throughout the Archaic period, the city's so much striking interval of political significance and Keith Walker examines the entire significant parts of the city's success.

One of the main elements explored is Eretria's position as a pioneer coloniser in either the Levant and the West - its early Aegaen 'island empire' anticipates that of Athens by way of greater than a century, and Eretrian transport and exchange used to be equally widespread.

Eretria's significant, certainly dominant, function within the occasions of valuable Greece within the final half the 6th century, and within the occasions of the Ionian insurrection to 490 is obviously confirmed, and the tyranny of Diagoras (c.538-509), probably the golden age of the town, is absolutely examined.

Full documentation of literary, epigraphic and archaeological assets (most of which has formerly been inaccessible to an English speaking-audience) is supplied, making a attention-grabbing background and important source for the Greek historian.

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Bakhuizen 1976, 63–4, denies any link he believes that the root is pre-Greek (58–64). with 56 Or indeed on Euboia except for Aidepsos in the north. See n. 59 below. , Pt II, passim. 58 Bakhiuzen 1976, 48–57 (despite Str. 10, 1, 9 C447). For another explanation of the association of central Euboia with bronze work, see Ch. 5, p. 160. 59 Ibid. In Pt II, he shows, convincingly, that any metallurgy carried on in Khalkis was related to the production of iron, not copper, and discusses the sources, local and foreign, of the raw .

11 The worship of Zeus was also important in south-eastern Euboia, at Tamynai, Dismaros and Styra, later deme centres in the area of the Eretrias bordering on the Karystia, as well as at Karystos itself. These place names, together with others in the region such as Grynkhai, Dystos and Zarex, are pre-Hellenic, and several of their eponymous heroes are mythologically related. 14 The antiquity of these cults may be supposed from the fact that all these places were settled by one of the earliest invading peoples, the Dryopes (who are discussed later in this chapter), and that the south-east of the Eretrias and the Karystia in particular escaped total cultural modification by the later Ionian invaders, so retaining their essentially Dryopian character for Thucydides and Herodotos to note in the fifth century.

2, 133 and Ath. Deipn. 2, 46c–d, who appears self-contradictory, but quotes Euenor on the poor quality of Eretrian water. Pickard 1890–7, 375. Str. 10, 1, 4 C445–6. Cf. Thphr. HP 9, 20, 5. Plin. HN 16, 197. This contradicts Thphr. 5, 1, 5–8. Thphr. HP 4, 5, 2; 9, 15, 4; 9, 15, 8; Plin. HN 25, 94. Sfikas, Self-Propagating Trees and Shrubs of Greece, Athens, 1978. Parker, in a private note to me, considers that the folk-etymology of the name is hardly secure; we may note however that Str. 10, 1, 3 C445 indicates that the island was in fact ‘wellcowed’.

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