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By Birendra N. Pramanik, A.K. Ganguly, Michael L. Gross

ISBN-10: 0203909275

ISBN-13: 9780203909270

Discussing concepts to figure out the constitution and machanisms of various compound classics, this e-book covers new chemical and elctrophoretic ideas for fast pattern preconcentration and separation. It summarizes breakthroughs within the thought and instrumentation of electrospray mass spectrometry in pharmaceutical and biomedical purposes, offers sensible examples for the characterization of peptides, proteins, and glycoproteins, comprises functions in proteomics, combinatorial chemistry, and drug characterization. themes comprise chemical and electrophoretic thoughts for swift pattern preconcentration and separation, screening procedures for proteins from libraries of compounds, protein folding and dynamics, and extra

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Space-charge effects (ion–ion repulsion) can cause frequency shifts as the number of trapped ions increases. Fortunately, the number of trapped ions can be limited by controlling the number of ions Copyright © 2002 by Taylor & Francis injected into the ion trap from the external ESI source. Ion ejection can also be used to remove unwanted ions from the trap, with consequent improvements in performance. Ion traps tend to be operated as low-to-medium resolving power mass spectrometers. In fact, ultrahigh resolving power mass spectra have been obtained by using research grade ion traps (412), but true high resolving power capabilities are not available in commercial traps.

This is attributed to the formation of droplets about an order of magnitude smaller in nanospray than in conventional ESI sources and reduced competition between salt and analyte ions for the droplet surface as the ratio of surface area to droplet volume decreases. Nanospray methods are discussed in greater detail in Chapter 2. 2. Other Techniques a. Sheath-Flow Interface. The addition of a secondary liquid by using a sheath-flow interface was introduced by Smith and coworkers (156) in 1988. Copyright © 2002 by Taylor & Francis This provides a makeup solvent to increase the flow rate for low flow techniques such as capillary electrophoresis (for which it was initially developed).

354) demonstrated exact mass measurements by using a novel multiple sprayer nanoelectrospray source and a magnetic sector mass spectrometer. 7). Exact mass measurements of fragment ions generated by in-source CID were reported by Starrett and DiDonato (347). Selectedion monitoring at high resolving power has been demonstrated as a method for reducing background interferences and improving target compound selectivity for quantitative assays of bile acid glucuronides (230) and environmental contaminants suspected to have endocrine-disrupting activity (338).

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