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By Sir Leslie Fowden (auth.), Gert Lubec, Gerald A. Rosenthal (eds.)

ISBN-10: 9072199049

ISBN-13: 9789072199041

The research of amino acids is of basic curiosity to scientists from many different fields. This curiosity derives from their position because the easy elements of proteins as well as their skill to function development blocks for the construction of many periods of secondary metabolites. they could help the biosynthesis of a myriad of traditional items together with non-protein amino acids, cyanogenic glycosides, pharmacologically energetic alkaloids, convinced phenols, purines and pyrimidines, nucleic acids. condensed tannins, lignins and different metabolites.
The contributions contained during this paintings originate from the 1st foreign Congress in Amino Acid learn. This selection of papers will entice researchers within the fields of biochemistry, vascular and mobilephone biology, body structure, pharmacology, endocrinology and medical medication.

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As expected, the 'Direct Amide-Cyclization' of peptide derivatives to give cyclopeptides, using HCI in toluene, cannot be accomplished. Therefore, we used a combination of our new strategy and conventional procedures to synthesize these compounds. As the last example, the synthesis of a cyclic pentapeptide containing three a,a-disubstituted a-amino acids shall be discussed (Fig. 5). The linear pentapeptide 2S is synthesized using the 'AzirineIOxazolone-Method' with 2benzyl-2-methyl-3-[N-methyl-N-(phenylamino)]- and 2,2-dimethyl-3-[N-methylN-(phenylamino)]-2H-azirine as Phe(2Me) and Aib synthons, respectively, with the yields shown in Fig.

KOMP VI - - CH2"CH2-CH-COOH I NH2 {) o vm KOMP. X CH2-COOII o i o, KOMP. , d'-glu_ BAPN ! -CH2- CN o o Scheme 2. Pathways for the biosynthesis of isoxazolin-S-one derivatives and the Lathyrus toxins. Dashed lines represent steps that remain to be confirmed. ODAP NH2 HiIl-CH 2-CH-COOH 01: ~ ~ l? ' NH CH3-C-O-CH:2-CH~COOH ----0/)I ,'- ~'I-CH2-i:H-COOH DAPjRO HOOC I C~-~H-COOH o f H2 Asn CH H2N 'COOH [0] H2N )O~Sf' KOMP. I Ml2 o II /C, ~ 26 The uracyl-alanines: willardiine and isowillardiine occur together in seedlings of all accessions of the genus Pisum examined.

This 'Direct AmideCyclization' has been applied for the formation of cyclic depsipeptides with 6-, 9-, 12-, and 15-membered rings. As an example, the synthesis of cyclo[(R)-Mns-Aib(R)-Mns-Aib] (24) is shown in Fig. 4. -amino acids are called Enniatines [43,44]. r ! No • toluene .. HCI100'C H Ph-X HO.... 22 •H liN ~ X o H3C 2. H _ '0 .... • l i N CH3 X 0 H3C JL 'N( CH 3)2 CH3 23 24 Fig. 4. Synthesis of cyclo[(R)-Mns-Aib-(R)-Mns-Aib] (24) by 'Direct Amide Cyclization'. 36 these ionophores, the ring closure is achieved by a lactamic linkage.

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