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By Gerardo Reichel-Dolmatoff

ISBN-10: 0226707318

ISBN-13: 9780226707310

In Amazonian Cosmos, a distinct and engaging contribution to South American ethnography, Gerardo Reichel-Dolmatoff investigates the realm view of an remoted Indian tribe, the Desana, of the Northwest Amazon. the writer labored with a unmarried informant over a chronic interval, and later checked his findings generally within the box. The acculturated local informant expressed his rules of guy and the Universe in phrases that transcend the slender limits of a really expert ethnological paintings and that exhibit an interrelated approach of symptoms and emblems of a lot wider curiosity. through the use of mythology and local languages as keys to an realizing of social habit, the writer has reached a degree of inquiry and a intensity of notion infrequently completed in a examine of primitive rain wooded area Indians, these remnants of as soon as robust tribes that now are swiftly disappearing.
Claude Lévi-Strauss writes of Amazonian Cosmos: “I have tested your booklet with passionate curiosity and i'm surprised on the riches of that universe that you divulge to us in it. South American ethnography just isn't an analogous back, for you've got introduced it right into a new period ... it's very unlikely to specific enough appreciation for the intense demonstration you might have given us of hitherto unsuspected probabilities for research in depth.”
Amazonian Cosmos is the author’s personal translation of Desana, released in Spanish in 1969.
GERARDO REICHEL-DOLMATOFF is study fellow on the Universidad de los Andes, and member of the Instituto Colombiano de Antropología in Bogotá. he's the writer of 8 books, together with “Colombia”: historic Peoples and locations and the folk of Aritama, and has additionally released a variety of articles on Colombian ethnology and archaeology.

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If eggs are really without structure, the true causes of the formation of birds are the last conditions, whatever they may be, that introduce that phenomenon and determine its character−−the type of the parents, the act of fertilisation, the temperature, or whatever else observation might find regularly to precede and qualify that new birth in nature. These facts, if they were the ultimate and deepest facts in the case, would be the ultimate and only possible terms in which to explain it. They would constitute the mechanism of reproduction; and if nature were no finer than that in its structure, science could not go deeper than that in its discoveries.

5] Life, according to him, is the original and absolute force. In the beginning, however, it was only a potentiality or tendency. To become specific lives, life had to emphasise and bring exclusively to consciousness, here and there, special possibilities of living; and where these special lives have their chosen boundary (if this way of putting it is not too Fichtean) they posit or create a material environment. Matter is the view each life takes of what for it are rejected or abandoned possibilities of living.

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