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By R. M. Shaw, R. A. Bowen, G. E. Paget

ISBN-10: 0433285001

ISBN-13: 9780433285007

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The clinical use of chemotherapy requires specialized knowledge not only of the various available drugs but of methods of administration and dosage. Certain general principles must be observed in the practical application of the variety of drugs available. There is a Cancer: Patient's Viewpoint and Clinician's Problems 41 narrow margin between the desirable effect on the tumour and the toxic effect on the patient. Bone-marrow depletion, haematopoietic depression, undesirable side-effects on mucous membranes, severe gastrointestinal upsets, are some of the side-effects which occur if the dosage used is to result in tumour regression.

Lion, teeth; eagle,... . . ' . He will remain perplexed even when the missing word is included among others and put to him in a multiple choice type of question. Behind all these minor defects one may also observe a raised duration threshold, or a slowness in both the execution and reception of verbal material in the case of very mild aphasiacs. Botez's term 'inattention' in this connexion is not a happy one, as the author himself realized (Botez, 1961). Dissolution: Maximal Speech-loss Let us turn from these minimal cases to a consideration of massive defects of communication—Sapir's dissolution of language—for the 'method of extreme cases' is one which is often of unexpected value in studying a problem.

Jackson's four-fold classification of these recurring decimals of speech is a little artificial. By far the commonest state of affairs is for the patient to give vent to the stereotype 'yes*—or 'no'—or sometimes both of them. Analysis of ioo cases of recurrent utterance (compiled from Henschen, 1922) where a solitary comprehensible word was concerned has shown that in 63 it was a matter of yes and no, the remaining 37 being made up of a great diversity of utterances. It was possible to break down these figures.

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