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By D.R. UHLMANN and N.J. KREIDL (Eds.)

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005A -2 (peak A). The mean position of the second shell (peak B) yields a bond angle of 10(4)°. However there is more than one contribution to this feature suggesting either a smaller bond angle on some sites or a significant number of eclipsed or semistaggered dihedral-angle configurations. Elliott and colleagues (1985) came to similar conclusions in their neutron-scattering study of amorphous red P. 3A. The EXAFS Fourier transform of a-P (Fig. 7) exhibits features close to their distances. Among the crystalline allotropes, eclipsed and semistaggered configurations only occur in monoclinic P which is based on cagelike P 8 and P 9 clusters.

Indeed, the principle features in the X-ray diffraction pattern QI(Q) can be generated from EXAFS by adding together the Si and O k^(k)'s (Greaves and Raoux, 1983). Germania-silica glasses (of relevance to optical fibre cores) have been studied by Lapeyre's group, who monitored the Ge K-edge EXAFS as a function of composition (1983). 73A but otherwise perfect tetrahedral coordination was maintained. However, the second peak found in a-Ge0 2 (Fig. 8) and attributed to cation-cation correlations was found to be absent in G e 0 2 - S i 0 2 glasses.

The two crystalline models exhibit different near-edge signatures: the white line is followed by a double peak for the pyrophosphate, whereas for the orthophosphate the white line is stronger but is followed by a broad single peak. All the glasses reveal a triplet situation similar to P b 2 P 2 0 7 , suggesting the substantial presence of polyphosphate groups in the glass. 3. Lower Oxides of Silicon—a-SiOx The structural properties of lower oxides of silicon, like amorphous SiO, have attracted attention every since the optical absorption edges of thin films were reported by Phillipp (1971, 1972).

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