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By W. W. Christie

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This can be the 3rd quantity of an occasional sequence of evaluate volumes facing elements of lipid method. As with the 1st volumes, subject matters were chosen which have been constructing speedily lately and feature a few value to lipid research. The authors are all prime foreign experts.

Topics coated contain: research of positional isomers of glycerolipids by way of non-enzymatic equipment, separation of phospholipid periods through high-performance liquid chromatography, and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and lipid section behaviour and lipid diffusion, between others

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5. Effect of water on phosphorus chemical shifts The degree to which the chloroform phase is hydrated affects the relative chemical shifts of the phospholipids slightly. g. aqueous salt solutions, organic neutral lipid solutions, and, of course, the precise ratio of the chloroform reagent A to the aqueous methanol reagent B. This behavior of the phospholipid chemical shifts with sample hydration in the chloroform-methanol reagent has been examined by Edzes et al. (their Figure 3) [14]. The relative sensitivity of the phospholipid chemical shifts to sample hydration can be used as a tool for the identification of individual phospholipid species, since each phospholipid has its own characteristic response to the degree of sample hydration.

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The Sumipax OA-4100 liquid phase is also suitable for the separation of natural mixtures or enantiomeric monoacylglycerols, as demonstrated by Takagi and Ando [97]. An excellent enantiomer resolution was obtained for the rac-1-monoacylglycerol homologue mixtures derived from soybean, macadamia nut and yew seed oil triacylglycerols based on carbon and double bond number as discussed above. The rac-1-monoacylglycerols from high erucic acid-rapeseed oil triacylglycerols required a 50 cm-column for a clear resolution of the enantiomers under similar conditions.

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