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By Charlotte Jones

ISBN-10: 0385322402

ISBN-13: 9780385322409

From Wheaties to phones, microwave ovens to yo-yos, listed here are the inspiring and sometimes humorous tales of fifty error and misunderstandings that helped result in lifestyles as we all know it. With hilarious cartoons and wacky evidence, this interesting compendium illustrates the adage "If you don't examine out of your error, there's no experience making them."

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It’s leaf-bare. The Clan needs skilled hunters, so practice stalking with Ivypaw today. I don’t want to let this battle distract our apprentices from their training one moment longer. ” Dovepaw stiffened as Firestar scanned the camp. ” he said. Berrynose stepped forward. ” Firestar’s eye caught Dovepaw’s. She could tell that he wanted to know if something was wrong. Dovepaw shrugged. She knew no more than he did. Firestar frowned. ” He turned to Berrynose. “Go with them. ” Ivypaw leaned closer to Dovepaw.

Hawkfrost. Tigerstar’s son, endlessly furious that he had been killed by his half brother, Brambleclaw, when he was trying to take Firestar’s remaining lives and leave ThunderClan leaderless and vulnerable for his and Tigerstar’s own cruel ambition. “You fought well today,” the former RiverClan warrior growled. “But you got the move wrong when you attacked Scorchfur. ” He beckoned Ivypaw away with his tail. She followed without question, disappearing after him into the mist. Hawkfrost’s growl shot back from the shadows.

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