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TJ clicked a few more keys and shook his head. “Nope. Whatever was there totally dissipated about five minutes before we got into position. ” Awesome. Mom would be so proud. ” “No freaking clue. ” TJ leaned in closer to his screen. “Whatever it is, though, it’s connected to our Hawaii anomaly. ” Govin frowned. ” “Nope. No relation. ” Yeah. As a mathematician, he had to acknowledge that possibility. As a witch, this was starting to smell. Witches didn’t like coincidences. ~ ~ ~ Sierra waited impatiently at the library check-in desk.

Lauren says her mind is pretty content in there. Sophie: Jamie’s going to pop Nat into Realm tomorrow so we can all check out her belly. Nell: That will make Ginia feel better. Sophie: She’s been doing a beautiful job of monitoring Nat. This is just to spoil me and Aunt Moira. Moira: At my age, I deserve to be spoiled. And Sophie, are you sure we can’t meet in our Realm room now? This typing is still so hard for my poor fingers. Sophie: Which is exactly why we’re doing this the old-fashioned way.

Moira: The sitting-on-the-beach part sounded lovely, though. Nell: Just tell us what beach you’d like to visit. Aervyn’s getting pretty talented at schlepping people through Realm to wherever they need to go. Moira: Ah, my soaking pool takes good care of me. I don’t really need to be anywhere else. Sophie: Way to call her bluff, Nell :-). We’ve been trying to send her to the beach for weeks now. Some warm-water swimming would be good for her. Moira: All these healers are trying to turn me back into a twenty-one-year-old instead of an old lady.

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