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ISBN: 0521182697
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Publisher: Cambridge college Press
Publication Date: 2011-02-17
Number of Pages: 390
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More than 40 years in the past it was once confirmed that the African continent may be divided into 4 exact language households. examine on African languages has as a result been preoccupied with reconstructing and knowing similarities throughout those households. This has intended that an curiosity in other forms of linguistic dating, corresponding to no matter if structural similarities and dissimilarities between African languages are the results of touch among those languages, hasn't ever been the topic of significant study. This 2007 ebook exhibits that such similarities throughout African languages are extra universal than is generally believed. It offers a wide point of view on Africa as a linguistic zone, in addition to an research of particular linguistic areas. so as to have a greater figuring out of African languages, their buildings, and their historical past, additional info on those contact-induced relationships is key to knowing Africa's linguistic geography, and to reconstructing its background and prehistory.

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