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By V. S. Naipaul

ISBN-10: 0307776557

ISBN-13: 9780307776556

The early masterpiece of V. S. Naipaul's fabulous occupation, A condominium for Mr. Biswas is an unforgettable tale encouraged via Naipaul's father that has been hailed as one of many 20th century's most interesting novels.

In his forty-six brief years, Mr. Mohun Biswas has been struggling with opposed to future to accomplish a few semblance of independence, purely to stand a life of calamity. Shuttled from one place of abode to a different after the drowning dying of his father, for which he's inadvertently dependable, Mr. Biswas yearns for a spot he can name domestic. but if he marries into the domineering Tulsi kin on whom he indignantly turns into based, Mr. Biswas embarks on an arduous—and endless—struggle to weaken their carry over him and buy a home of his personal. A heartrending, darkish comedy of manners, A condominium for Mr. Biswas masterfully conjures up a man's quest for autonomy opposed to an emblematic post-colonial canvas.

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