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By Toyin Falola, Matthew M. Heaton

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Nigeria is Africa's such a lot populous nation and the world's 8th biggest oil manufacturer, yet its luck has been undermined in fresh a long time via ethnic and non secular clash, political instability, rampant legit corruption and an unwell economic climate. Toyin Falola, a number one historian in detail accustomed to the area, and Matthew Heaton, who has labored generally on African technological know-how and tradition, mix their services to give an explanation for the context to Nigeria's contemporary problems via an exploration of its pre-colonial and colonial prior, and its trip from independence to statehood. through analyzing key subject matters resembling colonialism, faith, slavery, nationalism and the economic climate, the authors exhibit how Nigeria's background has been swayed by means of the vicissitudes of the realm round it, and the way Nigerians have tailored to fulfill those demanding situations. This booklet bargains a special portrayal of a resilient humans dwelling in a rustic with enormous, yet unrealized, strength.

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Merchants and traders have also been important in keeping goods flowing between regions, diversifying and developing local economies. For a long time, human labor was itself a commodity that could be bought and sold. Slaves were a major item of trade for many centuries in parts of Nigeria, and played important roles in the domestic economies of many states in the Nigerian region in the centuries before the 1900s. With the onset of colonial rule in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, domestic slavery was slowly eradicated; the colonial government itself used forced labor to build much of its own infrastructure, however.

The country is bordered to the south by the Bights of Benin and Biafra, which are on the Gulf of Guinea in the Atlantic Ocean. On the west Nigeria is bordered by Benin, on the north by Niger, and on the east by Cameroon. In its extreme northeastern corner, Lake Chad separates Nigeria from the country of Chad. Nigeria stretches roughly 700 miles from west to east and 650 miles from south to north, covering an area between 3 and 15 E longitude and between 4 and 14 N latitude. The territories that make up modern-day Nigeria exhibit diverse geographical characteristics, ranging from tropical to arid.

Despite the superficial triumph of this accomplishment, there is no reason to see the transfer of power as a turning point in Nigeria’s fortunes. The elections themselves were marred by controversy, and many of the problems that have negatively affected Nigerians in previous decades remain unresolved. Religion and ethnicity are still strong dividing lines between people; the average Nigerian is still mired in extreme poverty despite the country’s immense oil wealth; and the political class is still more concerned with solidifying its own power than with governing democratically in the best interests of the majority of the population.

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