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By C. L. Seow

ISBN-10: 0687157862

ISBN-13: 9780687157860

A number one grammar of biblical Hebrew.

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D7 to separate; 1:~ll so that they shall be; 'nn~~ for signs; D'l~i9~1 and for seasons; D',J~! irreg. fp. of i1~tf· v I 5: 1'~i)~ to shine; p-'iJ'J, and it was so. W99? for dominion of. 11 I \~ ~M;Aj/1~ \ . ' ' qatal Qal (7R) niqtal Niphal (7~~~) qittel Piel (7*'~) 1 quttal 1 Pual (737~) - ... tl plural form is used instead. The alternative fs ending ;,T-is attested rarely. J jyod 3. The Qal Active Participle a. Normal Pattern The Qal active participle is based on the qotel pattern. The forms of the Qal active participle of ,~W (to keep, observe), then, are as follows.

R:l 22. ~ I3. :1ti? ~ 4· 1bm : . 5· 0')11'N • T While there are several Hebrew-English dictionary projects currently under way, BDB remains the only full reference work available to students who read only English. There is an abridged dictionary produced by William L. Holladay, entitled A Concise Hebrew and Aramaic Lexicon of the Old Testament (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, I97I). This is a useful volume for rapid reading. It is easier to use than BDB, inasmuch as the words are listed precisely as they are spelled.

The no un ila~~ appears after "I illj:'" (meaning "get, acquire"). · If one discounts the plural ending ni- and the -~ as a noun prefix, one is left with the probable root 01j:'. This noun is found on p. 879. il J':;'~ : The i1T- ending is obviously a marker of the feminine. cx) or ~-,~~. vii). Bu t there is no such noun associated with the root i1~~ (p. 594). 'l'h us, the -~ must be a prefix. The root is i11~. lf'~: Discounting the mp ending 0' . -, one is left with the form -11f'~· If the ' is a mater, the root is ~-,tzJ~.

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