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By Diana Preston

ISBN-10: 1849017247

ISBN-13: 9781849017244

On November 12, 1912, a rescue crew hiking throughout Antarctica's nice Ice Barrier eventually discovered what they sought - the snow-covered tent of the British explorer Robert Falcon Scott. inside of, they made a grim discovery: Scott's frozen physique lay among the our bodies of 2 fellow explorers. that they had died simply 11 miles from the depot of provides which would have kept them. Why did Scott's meticulously laid plans eventually lead to catastrophe, whereas his rival, Norwegian Roald Amundsen, lower back properly domestic together with his group after achieving the Pole in basic terms days sooner than the British crew? In a newly revised and up-to-date model of her unique publication, Diana Preston, returns to Antarctica and explores why Scott's rigorously deliberate excursion failed, finishing in tragedy.

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