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By David Greentree

Osprey Raid sequence #15

At the peak of the Seven Years' struggle, nice Britain made an audacious strike on the middle of Spanish colonial energy within the Caribbean. amassing troops from bases in Britain and Canada and crusing around the Atlantic in secrecy used to be an enormous feat. The raid on Havana took Spanish colonial forces thoroughly suddenly and following vicious combating, town defences at El Moro collapsed. Havana, the jewel within the Spanish colonial crown, now belonged to Britain. The luck of the raid prompted British army coverage for hundreds of years because the real power of amphibious struggle was once learned. writer David Greentree tracks each element of the raid from its origins to the seige and attack of El Morro. every one part is followed by means of complete colour illustrations from Donato Spedaliere and Giuseppe Rava in addition to maps, photos, and interval artwork.


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On another occasion Captain Walker of the Lurcher was killed whilst exploring upriver. Commodore Keppel specifically mentioned to Pocock atrocities that had been committed on 70 British seamen. Pocock complained to Prado alleging 'several seamen belonging to His Britannic Majesty's fleet under my command have been barbarously treated when taken prisoner by the Spaniards'. He trusted that Prado was 'agreeable to the principles of humanity' and 'that we shall never deviate from the constant practice of civilized countries'.

Water casks had to be landed from the ships and similarly transported. Keppel wanted a double ration of rum to appease his men, but Pocock refused because a resupply convoy had not arrived from Jamaica and stocks were short. Despite these problems the construction of the Grand Battery began in earnest. Mante was an engineer by profession, which would explain the detail of the map in his book; in this section the advance inland to Guanabacoa and the siege operations around El Morro are shown. (British Library) 43 Havana 1762 Artillery and stores were landed between El Morro THE SIEGE OF EL MORRO and Cojimar, making carriage by hand to the siege camp easier.

National Maritime Museum) JUNE 13 1762 Work on the Grand Battery begins 52 disabled guns in the other batteries were replaced during the night and in total 16 guns were ready to fire at daybreak. Nevertheless, losses were continuous, and on 12 July the carriages of three guns in the Stone Redoubt were disabled. The Spanish were also replacing damaged guns during the night and every four to six days the garrison was replaced with a fresh one from the city. On 13 July the opening of the first 32-pdr battery proved to be a turning point.

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