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By Michael Rosen, Kenneth Ireland

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This well-developed, obtainable textual content information the old improvement of the topic all through. It additionally offers wide-ranging assurance of vital effects with relatively effortless proofs, a few of them new. This moment version comprises new chapters that supply an entire facts of the Mordel-Weil theorem for elliptic curves over the rational numbers and an outline of contemporary growth at the mathematics of elliptic curves.

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Since pal p = pa- I numbers less than p" are divisible by p, p" - pa -. numbers are prime to p. Notice that p" - pa- 1 = pa(l - l ip). It follows that ¢(m) = m (1 - lip). We proved this formula in Chapter 2 in a different manner. r:'. n 36 3 Congruence Let us summarize. In treating a number of arithmetical questions, the notion of congruence is extremely useful. This notion led us to consider the ring 7L/m7L and its group of units U(7L/m7L). To go more deeply into the structure of these algebraic objects we write m = p~'p~' .

1m71. form a group of order ¢(m). If (a, m) unit. Thus a(m) == 1 (m). = 1, a is a Corollary 2 (Fermat's Little Theorem). Ifp is a prime and p,r a, then a P - 0 1 == 1 (p). PROOF. If p,r a, then (a, p) = 1. Thus a4>(P) for a prime p, 4>(p) = p - 1. == 1 (p). The result follows, since 0 It is possible to generalize many of the results in this section to principal ideal domains. The notions of congruence and residue class can be carried over to an arbitrary commutative ring. , ax == b (m) has a solution iff d Ib and the solution is unique iff a and m are relatively prime.

I. Notice that b ~ There are at most 2' ft numbers satisfying these conditions and so N s 2' ft , or s 21, which is clearly false for N large enough. This contradiction proves the result. It is possible to give a similar proof that there are infinitely many monic irreducibles in k[x], where k is a finite field. There are a number of naturally defined functions on the integers. For example, given a positive integer II let ~(II) be the number of positive div isors of II and a(i1) the sum of the positive divisors of n.

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