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By Kim Riddlebarger

ISBN-10: 0801015502

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In a transparent and obtainable demeanour, Kim Riddlebarger provides and defends amillennialism—the trust that the millennium is a gift fact headquartered in Christ's heavenly reign, now not a destiny desire of Christ's rule in the world after his return—as the historical Protestant realizing of the millennial age.

Recognizing that eschatology—the learn of destiny things—is a sophisticated and arguable topic, Riddlebarger starts off with definitions of key terminology and an summary of assorted viewpoints and similar biblical issues. He then discusses key passages of Scripture that endure upon the millennial age, together with Daniel nine, Matthew 24, Romans eleven, and Revelation 20. eventually, he evaluates the most difficulties dealing with all of the significant millennial positions and cautions us to pay attention to the implications of every view.

This accelerated version encompasses a new foreword from Michael Horton, a brand new bankruptcy at the antichrist, a brand new bankruptcy on indicators of the tip, and several other precious charts and indexes.

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Amillennialism teaches that the Church has been given the promises made to the Israelites because they crowned a history of unbelief by rejecting the Messiah. €. This kind of teaching is demonic and heretical. 6 The use of this nonliteral hermeneutic, according to dispensationalists, leads to a failure to distinguish properly between the church and Israel—a pillar of the dispensational hermeneutic. Ryrie is quite specific in his application of this distinction. ”7 This becomes the basis for the dispensationalist’s notion that God has two mutually exclusive peoples—national Israel and the Gentile church—each with its own redemptive purposes and programs.

John does not intend for his reader to see Babylon as referring to apostate Israel but to an evil secular empire that persecutes God’s people. Given the nature of apocalyptic literature, those holding this view contend that Revelation cannot be reduced to strict preterist or futurist interpretations. According to the idealist interpretation, the Roman Empire may be a figure of continual persecution of God’s people throughout the church period. This means that Revelation is a combination of historicist, preterist, and futurist elements.

God swore on oath to him, “Do not be afraid, Abram. €1). As Abram fell into a deep sleep, he saw a vision of a smoking firepot passing through butchered halves of various animals—a goat, a ram, a dove, and a pigeon. The implication of the vision was clear to Abram, who was steeped in ancient covenants and their rituals of ratification. If YHWH failed to be Abram’s reward and shield, the covenant curse, graphically pictured by the severed animals, would fall on YHWH himself. €18). Notice that in this particular covenant, God, who swore the oath of ratification, made this a covenant of promise.

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