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By David Wellington

ISBN-10: 0307381714

ISBN-13: 9780307381712

Laura Caxton vowed by no means to stand them back. The horror of what the vampires did is simply too shut, the injuries too clean. but if Jameson Arkeley, damaged and infrequently recognizable, involves her with an unfathomable, unholy discovery, her get to the bottom of crumbles.

Arkeley leads Caxton to a tomb in Gettysburg lately excavated by way of an area archaeology professor. whereas town, with its mythical function within the Civil War’s worst conflict, isn't any stranger to cemeteries, this one is remarkably, eerily varied. In it lie a hundred coffins—99 of them occupied by means of vampires, who, fortunately, are lacking their hearts. yet one of many coffins is empty and smashed to items.

Who is the lacking vampire? Does he have entry to the ninety nine hearts that, if positioned again within the our bodies in their vendors, might reanimate a complete bloodthirsty military? How did the vampires prove there, undisturbed and undiscovered for one hundred fifty years? the reply lies in Civil warfare records that comprise sinister secrets and techniques in regards to the newly discovered coffins—secrets that Laura Caxton is set to discover as she is thrown right into a lethal, ugly venture of saving a complete city from a mass invasion of the undead. . . .

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