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By David McCullough

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America's so much acclaimed historian provides the problematic tale of the yr of the start of the us of the United States. 1776 tells gripping tales: how a bunch of squabbling, disparate colonies grew to become the U.S., and the way the British Empire attempted to forestall them. a narrative with a solid of wonderful characters from George III to George Washington, to infantrymen and their households, this exhilarating booklet is among the nice items of historic narrative.

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Finally came the King in his colossal golden chariot pulled by eight magnificent cream-colored horses (Hanoverian Creams), a single postilion riding the left lead horse, and six footmen at the side. No mortal on earth rode in such style as their King, the English knew. Twenty-four feet in length and thirteen feet high, the royal coach weighed nearly four tons, enough to make the ground tremble when under way. ” Three gilded cherubs on top—symbols of England, Scotland, and Ireland—held high a gilded crown, while over the heavy spoked wheels, front and back, loomed four gilded sea gods, formidable reminders that Britannia ruled the waves.

Another received twenty “stripes” for striking an officer, another, thirty for damning an officer. But change was maddeningly slow in coming. As scathing as any eyewitness description was that provided by a precocious young New Englander of Loyalist inclinations named Benjamin Thompson, who, after being refused a commission by Washington, served in the British army, later settled in Europe, renamed himself Count Rumford, and ultimately became one of the era’s prominent men of science. Washington’s army, wrote Thompson, was “the most wretchedly clothed, and as dirty a set of mortals as ever disgraced the name of a soldier….

If Edmund Burke had failed to provide a memorable line for the night’s efforts, Fox did at once: Lord Chatham, the King of Prussia, nay, Alexander the Great, never gained more in one campaign than the noble lord has lost—he has lost a whole continent. It was time for a change in the administration, time for new policies. The present ministers were enemies of freedom. I cannot consent to the bloody consequences of so silly a contest about so silly an object, conducted in the silliest manner that history or observation has ever furnished an instance of, and from which we are likely to derive nothing but poverty, disgrace, defeat, and ruin.

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